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The Interview Series: Krishna Vakil

Krishna Vakil is a skilled Project Manager at Wix + SEO by PIMM

Where are you originally from?

I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but I am Indian (specifically Gujarati) and speak the language fluently!

What is your role and what do you do at PIMM?

I am the Project Manager at PIMM-USA and I oversee the website development meaning I talk to the clients and gather all the information needed for the website. I help the client visualize how they want their new website to look.

What is your favorite thing about your job?

I love being able to talk to different people each day and learning about their business! It's so interesting to learn about all the different industries and how they work.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The most rewarding part of the role is seeing how happy the client is at the end when we launch their website and they love how everything came out!

What are some of your favorite projects you've worked on here?

One of my favorites was Meissen + Lady. The website came out beautiful and She was so lovely to work with as well!

What do you think are some important components of successful design?

One important component in my opinion is typography, using the right font can really help liven a website and it's something not a lot of people think about but can make a big difference for engagement. Another one, would be the use of white space, I think sometimes people put so many pictures and text that it can look cluttered but using the white space to your advantage can give the website more of a clean, sleek look.

What are some of your hobbies?

My hobbies include traveling and it doesn't have to be far but just exploring a new place and trying out new restaurants, I think is so fun. I also just like hanging out with friends, drawing/doodling (even though I'm not good!), experimenting with different makeup looks.

Do you have a favorite show these days?

I have watched a lot of the classics like Friends, The Office, Parks and Recreation, Modern Family so those are some of my all time favorites but I also do love Law and Order: SVU, This Is Us, I also like a lot of true crime documentaries! I watch too much Hulu/Netflix for my own good.

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