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Best practices for SEO depend on the industry. For our consulting clients, we focus on helping their online presence rank high in online searches.  This begins with the careful creation of their website. Our design team incorporates a cohesive and modern look that reflects the brand and personality of the consulting firm.  We spend time mapping out the structure of the site to create a seamless experience for incoming visitors.  We write helpful and insightful content that is also informative, encouraging visitors to come back and explore more.

Once we've created a branded and modern site, we get to work on the backend, focusing on SEO. We start with On-Page SEO - adding meta tags, alt image tags, targeted keywords, page titles, and descriptions.  Secondly, we focus on off-page SEO, making sure our consulting firms are included and up to date on important directories like Google My Business, Yelp, and Reviews GPS.


We write curated and relevant ongoing blog posts, so that new and returning clientele frequently visit and interact with your site.  We use captivating imagery and helpful and resourceful information that's enjoyable and educational to read.

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