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An important part of SEO is regularly analyzing data that pertains to your online presence.  It's important to not only track but to measure the traffic and engagement on your website.  These metrics paint a picture and tell a story.  The more you monitor and assess, the more you have to work with moving forward.  For our clients in the health and wellness fields, we spend time understanding their clientele and what type of content is most relevant.

We do this by consistently analyzing Google Analytics, Yext, and Reviews GPS.  We take note of demographics, genders, locations, and even the types of devices used.  This helps us better understand who's visiting the site, when, and how.  We also measure impressions, telling us which pages, services, products, and blogposts are getting the most traffic, so that we can create new content relevant to what your clientele is interested in. The more relevant, the more likely they are to engage, stay on your site longer, and visit again - all things Google takes into account when deciding how relevant your site is in a search query.

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