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The Interview Series: Kohyo Maezono

Kohyo Maezono Account Manager PIMM
Kohyo Maezono is one of our talented ccount Managers at Wix + SEO By PIMM.

Where are you originally from?

I was born and raised in Westchester, specifically Yonkers.

How did you get started in tech account management?

My start began in College where I was studying to get my bachelors in Computer Science. I was intrigued in Web design and began making websites for friends and businesses I was working for at the time. This opened my eyes to search engine optimization and the importance of properly optimizing a website to increase organic traffic.

Have you always been interested in technology?

Yes, like most Gen-Zers, technology has always intrigued me but more specifically in how the video game genres have advanced over the years. It's crazy to compare two games that are even 5 years apart; the Advancements are very noticeable.

How have you seen the tech world transform throughout your career?

Growing up in a time of rapid technological advances showed that although we have come a long way from the classic Nokia phone, the expansion of technology is limitless. This is the same for Google as they are always constantly changing their algorithms and evolving to make their search engine the best possible. Being able to adapt to new changes/updates is essential for staying up to and in the know.

Where do you think technology is headed next?

Of Course all technologies like phones and computers will just get better and better, but the one area I find major potential in is virtual and augmented reality. With facebook putting 10 Billion dollars into the space and changing their parent name to Meta shows that they are going all in on this technology. It won't be long until you begin to see Apple, Google, Amazon getting into the space as well.

What do you think technology has forever improved about our lives/society?

Communication between friends, families, and peers has been forever changed by technology and the internet. Less letters are being sent via mail as we are able to quickly send a text knowing that it is instantly received. Technology has also made it easier to perform small tasks. Just 10 years ago for example, if you didn't have cash, you would take out a checkbook and write a check. Now we can take out our smartphone and tap it against the payment terminal to complete a transaction.

What are some of your favorite websites you've seen and why?

One of my favorite sites that is perfectly made for selling products is the Nike website. Their content perfectly reflects the products they sell and their filter system is some of the best in its class.

What do you think the 3 main components of successful design are?

The first component necessary for a successful design is being optimized to work well on mobile. Since 63% of Google searches are made on mobile devices, it is important to keep in mind that customers could very well be looking at a site from their phone. The second component is having a clear call to action on your site where customers can easily navigate to using your services. Lastly, I think it is very important for the site to have Clear and professional image and video content.

Besides technology and sales, what are some of your hobbies?

When I am not working I love to hike in the Bear Mountain region of New York and also workout. Being from a big baseball background, I love relaxing and watching a good Yankee Game at home.

Do you have a favorite show these days?

One of my favorite shows has to be the HBO original Game of Thrones. If you've seen it, we can probably agree that it didn't have the best ending, but was perfect until then. Jon Snow will go down as one of the best TV show characters in my opinion.

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