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Case Study: Denver Home Fitness

About Denver Home Fitness

Denver Home Fitness is a company that provides a diverse suite of quality exercise equipment for the home. The equipment can be quickly delivered to the client’s home premises. Additionally, the company offers support to their users on how to choose the best equipment or install it at home.

The Objective

The previous website needed a modern rebranding.

It contained an old menu with outdated box-type design while the landing page presented an inconsistent positioning of the text and unappealing images.

There was potential in making maximum use of the space when presenting the equipment collections without forcing the user to scroll through the offerings or correctly match the pictures with the corresponding category.

The website also had an appointment form that while important, was challenging to follow and complete due to the low-contrast design.

Our Process

The redesigned website smoothly blends new modern colors with the menu and content.

The new menu, while maintaining its structure, blends into the background while still being easy to notice due to the high contrast ratio.

The website starts with a relevant and appealing background cover that highlights the call-to-action on top of it, offering a modern look.

The core offerings are then introduced concisely and with supportive relevant icons, followed by a simpler introduction of the business to build trust and set expectations for the service.

The important home equipment collections section is taking full advantage of the space used, presenting in two rows what was previously presented in six. In this way, the user does not need to scroll unnecessarily.

Lastly, the appointment form has been contained in a call-to-action button for easier management and a cleaner interface. The users can still quickly set an appointment but are not obliged to see the entire form without making the decision to access it first.

Thanks to our in-depth user strategy, Denver Home Fitness has a redesigned website that conveys its core brand mission and appeals to modern users.

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