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Case Study: Aesthetic Dental

About Aesthetic Dental

Aesthetic Dental is a company that embeds the philosophy of shifting the perspective of mundane, but necessary, dentistry appointments into enjoyable and professional experiences. It is a family-owned business and it offers diverse dental services, from veneers, whitening, and tooth replacements to periodontics and endodontics.

The Objective

When we first undertook this project, Aesthetic Dental did not have any website as a form of an online presence.

The existence of a website was necessary to support online visibility and scale their business. Our client needed to show online proof to build trust, even more so because they are a healthcare entity, which requires solid transparency and evidence of professional services and personnel.

Even if the brand needed to inspire competence, we still wanted to build a clear and easy-to-navigate-through interface. We saw this potentially as a differentiator from other dentistry companies that rely heavily on industry jargon and monotonous aesthetics.

We saw two necessary components at the core of the brand, embodied well in the company name itself: aesthetics and dentistry mastery. These two components needed to be addressed through the website in order to align it with their business goals and online visibility.

Our Process

Given the information about the company vision and brand, we proceeded to build the foundations of a website aligned with their needs. First, we considered the core ideas necessary to be outlined and highlighted them on the landing page. We made sure to add a call-to-action at the top of the page for interested visitors. Then, we designed a video carousel right on the homepage that would address the company’s desired audience with a clear messaging:

  • Family representation to showcase the comfort and stability of their services

  • Mastery through pleasant services with extraordinary results

  • Group imagery to embody the quality of life that good services offer not only for individuals but for entire communities

We then added more details about the people behind the business in the About section to build trust and familiarity with the brand. A special page has been built to describe the Services the company offers, with the possibility to dive more into certain areas of interest to them. To showcase Aesthetic Dental’s portfolio we added a Before & After page and Reviews as a testament to their expertise and previous work. Potential clients navigating the website can also contact the business at any time through an easy-to-fill-in Contact form and get more knowledge through the Blog. The colors used on the website are aligned with the brand logo and support a clean, calm and professional sentiment through the shades of white and deep blue used. Additionally, the videos and images are of high quality and of the same shades as the brand colors. Thanks to our business, brand and user research, Aesthetic Dental can now enjoy a professional and pleasant website that considers their brand story.

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