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Case Study: Bloomy Smallscapes & Planters, LLC

About Bloomy Smallscapes & Planters, LLC

Bloomy Smallscapes & Planters, LLC is a company that specializes in live flower arrangements, delivered directly to the customer after they have been carefully planted in special outdoor planters. Their clients can choose between pre-designed or customized arrangements. If satisfied, the company offers continuous delivery of the flower arrangements through a subscription-based model.

The Objective

We undertook the challenge of creating the company's website and aligning it with the brand strategy and vision.

The objective of the new website design was to promote the core brand value and support online visibility.

The website needed to be easily reachable through online search. When accessed, it was important to allow the user to focus on the value proposition and to have a clear call-to-action: it had to be transparently communicated from the landing page how the company differentiates itself from other competitors or how the potential clients could quickly get in touch if they are interested.

The website visuals needed to match the brand, a brand that wanted to inspire vibrant and close-to-nature energy and build trust through their more than 15 years of experience in the business.

Our Process

To address these needs we started by collecting in-depth data about the company, their clients, and their vision of user experience, which pointed us towards three main areas we could implement:

1. Clear information architecture.

It was important for the website to reflect easy navigation. We created a clear menu in line with the core brand actions, with the purpose to build trust and connection (About and Gallery), offering details about orders (Drop-In Order and Custom Options), and opportunities to further connect with the business actions (Contact and Blog)

2. SEO optimization

We made sure the website has the right SEO foundations to succeed. We used relevant keywords and unique content to ensure the website has a high probability to rank well. The content strategy was focused on the brand and core business, highlighting but not limiting it to seasonal products and promotions.

3. Visual design

After the right architecture and content strategy were in place, we added engaging images as well as clean typography to reflect the calm but vibrant aesthetic of the brand.

Thanks to our in-depth user strategy, Bloomy Smallscapes & Planters has a modern and engaging website that conveys its core brand mission.

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