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Case Study: Table M

Table M Homepage

About Table M

Table M is a website for both designers and those looking for antique and vintage lighting and custom pieces. Founded by David Mayne, he also completes the electrical restoration of these pieces. He has worked with an array of clientele and has even been featured on HGTV.

The Objective

The Table M website needed redesigning. With the intent to better present their business by redesigning the layout and organization, the color choices, and the transparency between pages. The website's purpose is to be informative linking to an eCommerce platform.

Our Process

We often run into situations where people have different ideas about design decisions; it can be tough to judge sometimes. Therefore, using graphic design and User Experience principles are fundamental in achieving success regardless of design opinions.

When redesigning the site, some main UX elements were considered such as demographic ( target audience), usability (it must solve user's issues), and reliability ( everything on a website must work seamlessly).

When looking at demographics we asked a few questions: what does this demographic value the most, does it use technology with ease, or how the website will serve its purpose for this particular target audience. Those and other related questions helped me to empathize with users and understand what they need and what they do when they visit a website. Further, that information helped me to redesign a navigation menu, make it simple and separate the entire content into three main sections: Finished Products, Information about the business, and a purchase/inventory option that links to an e-commerce site. This way, visitors can navigate through pages without frustration or confusion. The visitors that are less tech-savvy will also find it easy to navigate from page to page because there are no nested pages or links that very often are overused.

In regards to usability and reliability, an elegant and minimalist appearance was implemented using white space and presenting content in a clean and straightforward way. The desktop version of the site was optimized for both mobile and desktop screens. All links were properly set up, images were optimized and the overall structure of the site has a simple focus on what's most important.

The key feature of this site is simplicity and consistency across the entire website.

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