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Case Study: Four Oaks Capital

Four Oaks Editor X Homepage Image

About Four Oaks Capital

Four Oaks Capital works in the rapidly growing industry of real estate investing. They have properties throughout the southeast United States - a booming area with a growing population. From acquisition, to unit upgrades, and refinancing, they generate increased revenue over a period of time.

The Objective

They came to us wanting to improve upon their old website. It was important that it didn't have the usual standard financial look. Rather, they wanted something that spoke to the interests of team members like surfing and the ocean.

Also, they wanted their site to be more responsive on all devices and to look sleek, modern, professional, and unique. For this, we built their latest site on Editor X. This enabled us to pinpoint the design on each screen size and to create a layout and flow that better speaks to their clientele.

Our Process

Our design process included adding animations, icons relevant to their industry, and using a color scheme that represented the ocean. We used imagery of seascapes, water, and beaches to give it a captivating and unusual design. We incorporated interactive elements like hover boxes that allowed for us to showcase information in a dynamic and fun way.

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