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Case Study: Meissen + Lady

About Meissen + Lady

Maria Sosa is the founder of Meissen + Lady and was inspired to start her business from being surrounded by beautiful rugs and tapestries growing up. She hand picks out the specialty rugs, tapestries, and other home items because she has the knowledge of quality work. She values the time and effort that goes into making each type of rug she sells and she believes in selling authentic pieces.

The Objective

Maria came to us looking for us to build her a modern and luxurious feeling website. She wanted her customers to feel the high end nature of her business while also maintaining easy navigation. She also wanted to incorporate pictures of homes where people enjoy her pieces and use pictures of her beautiful products throughout the site.

Our Process

We created an elegant website that showcased the modern and opulent aesthetic she was looking for and used galleries all through the site to show all the different rugs and home décor items she offers. We took advantage of white space which really emphasized the simple but sleek look of the site.

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