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Case Study: Orthodontics, Inc.

About Orthodontics, Inc.

Orthodontics, Inc. came to us with the objective of creating a centralized website for all eight of their locations. They needed the ability to add and edit content on their end and decided that Wix was the right platform to achieve this outcome.

The Objective

They didn't want the usual Orthodontics site, but rather wanted to showcase their cutting edge and innovative approach to orthodontics. Using a combination of video and imagery, we helped them create a unique and functional site that speaks to their brand.

Our Process

Their offices are located in the beautiful southwest region of the United States. We wanted to showcase this by using imagery of national parks, and photos related to areas including Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico. We streamlined their website to house a landing page for each location so that customers can stay in one place to find everything they need for their upcoming appointments.

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