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Case Study: Mixed Mutt Creamery

About Mixed Mutt Creamery

Mixed Mutt Creamery is a family owned business out of Kansas City. Their love and passion for rescue dogs inspired them to open their own boutique ice cream shop. They not only sell ice cream but an assortment of ethically chosen products for pets, taking into consideration how they were made.

The Objective

They wanted a site that emphasized their declicous dog and human ice cream flavors, while also bringing attention to their monthly "doggo date" box, full of delicious treats and toys for both dogs and humans.

Our Process

We created a robust homepage that showcased things like special dog flavors, exclusive human ice cream flavors only sold by them in Kansas City, their monthly membership offerings, and featured products. Utilizing bold colors, fonts, and imagery we created a site that was both interactive and informative.

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