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Our Design Philosophy

What is Functionality?

Once a website has drawn a potential customer in, it needs to be user friendly and functional, meaning it should make the customer’s life easier. The functionality of a website should not only include easily accessible and fillable forms, bookings, and purchasing options, it should also be easy to find obvious information such as phone numbers, addresses, and emails. A visitor to a website should not have to search to find the information they came for. What is UI & UX Design?

UI design is an acronym for User Interface. Here is where aesthetic and brand merge to create a seamless and cohesive experience for the user of your website. But before this process begins, UX design plays a crucial role. UX stands for User Experience. Designers who specialize in UX Design conduct extensive research about your customer base including their demographic, geography, gender, and more. They want to know who your users are and how they want to experience your site. After they've conducted user research, they then create user personas to help get into the minds of your users. By creating prototypes and wireframes, they better conceptualize how to build your site, from laying out content, organizing it, the placement of buttons, and the overall hierarchy of information architecture. Together UX and UI work in tandem to make your site the best it can be for your users and to communicate your brand.

What is modern?

Just like fashion and home design, website design goes through its own trends. From rotating banners to single page website designs, websites rapidly change with the times. Just like the wood paneled walls of the 70’s, you can tell when a website was built just by the features it presents. Modern website design means pairing a business or industry with a clean design that utilizes the latest technology and properly reflects the tone of the current era. You would not build the same website for a lawyer that you would for a restaurant; however, the same modern look can be achieved by selecting appropriate layouts, fonts, and color palettes. All forms of design will trickle down to website design. You can find hints of current home design trends and fashion trends in current modern website designs. Modern Design=Youthful.

What is timeless?

Trends come and go. Although they are a crucial part of our society, timelessness will forever reign. We stay up to date on what’s new but we also utilize classic colors, fonts, and designs that will withstand the ever-changing times.

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