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It’s time to put your business front and center in local searches!
Let the experts at PIMM-USA handle your Google Maps listing for you!

With Google Maps occupying close to 30% of the real estate on first page results, you want the expert guidance needed to succeed! At PIMM-USA, we offer the latest digital marketing solutions to help clients earn a higher Google Maps placement while laying the online groundwork necessary to promote business growth.

Why Maps Optimization Is Vital To Your Business

Did you know that upward of 60% of online searchers browse the Google Maps listing first? As a matter of fact, it’s one of the most powerful online marketing tools available to your business today. With an ever-increasing number of potential customers, smartphone and desktop users relying on “business near me” or voice-activated Siri and Google Assistant inquiries, this popular app plays a vital role in the success of your online marketing program. For this reason, don’t leave your Google Maps listing to chance. At PIMM-USA, we provide the solutions your business needs to stand out from the rest! 

Helping Local Clients Find You

With easy-to-follow directions to your location, photos, reviews, contact information, website links, and more, Google Maps offers an extremely helpful and convenient user experience. However, to optimize the benefits of this powerful marketing tool, it’s essential your business information is correct, consistent, up-to-date, and engaging. That’s where we come! In addition to ensuring your listing is accurate and current across all platforms and directories, we provide high-quality, unique content and images to enrich it. You can count on our experts to develop a Google Maps listing that appeals to your target audience, is integrated with a robust online presence, and sends the right signals to Google to boost your online visibility.

Successfully Market Your Business In Local Searches


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