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We Keep Your Listings Up To Date

As digital marketing experts, we ensure your business information gets correctly entered and maintained in over seventy important directories across the Internet. 

In a highly competitive marketplace, it’s essential to partner with a digital marketing company that can help your business maintain a robust and effective online presence. At PIMM-USA, we keep abreast of any changes in Google algorithms and tailor online marketing strategies, including directory listings, to optimize online visibility while bringing more traffic to your website and customers to your business.

Making certain your directory listings are accurate and consistent

Part of the formula for digital marketing success is having your business listed accurately and consistently across multiple online directories. While most people are familiar with major online directories like Facebook, Yelp, Google, and Yahoo, there are, in fact, over seventy important online directories from which search engines cull essential information about your business. With this in mind, critical information such as business name, address, phone number, and more must be accurate and consistent in every listing.


Major search engines like Google want to see that all directories have the exact same information used for a business across all their listings. However, online directories often add information robotically and don’t care if it is correct or if it matches other listings. Even a seemingly minor discrepancy can affect a business’s online visibility and website traffic.

For all the reasons, it’s imperative your Internet marketing take the following steps to make sure your business gets listed correctly, and the accuracy of each listing is continually maintained: 

  • Enter complete, correct, and matching information about you and your business across all directories while also correcting any existing mistakes.

  • Make certain to lock in corrections or changes with "duplicate suppression,” which is a continuous locking system that prevents the directories from collecting and blindly auto-posting any incorrect business information found on the Internet about your business.

Keeping your directory listings up-to-date

Let’s face it; with a business to run, who has time to set up, continually check, or correct so many detailed directory listings? At PIMM-USA, our experts take care of all the work for you. In addition to helping your business establish accurate listings across important Internet directories, we monitor and scan your listings on an ongoing basis. We’ll then make any corrections or updates as needed and lock the directories to protect against search engines picking up any wrong information down the road.


You can check for errors in your online business information by filling out the form below or scheduling a free demo.

We Keep Your Listings Up To Date


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