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The Interview Series: Ryan Patterson

Ryan Patterson Account Manager
Ryan Patterson is a talented Account Manager here at PIMM.

Where are you originally from?

Putnam Valley, NY

How did you get started in tech account management?

My interest in Digital Marketing and the tech world started when I did an internship at a digital marketing agency my senior year of college. I was mostly assisting people in roles similar to where I am now. I almost instantly knew that it was something I wanted to do after college. From there it was mostly a stroke of luck that I found PIMM the summer after I graduated college.

Have you always been interested in technology?

Yes! Ever since I was in my teens I was always the “family tech guy” who everyone would always come to with technology issues. I also got into building computers and built my own which I used to play video games at the time as well as the one I use for work at home today.

How have you seen the tech world transform throughout your career?

The coolest thing about the tech world is that it is always changing, even just minimizing the scope to Digital Marketing and even smaller to just Google. SEO in general is constantly changing but to give an actual example, only a couple of years ago Google didn’t even care about mobile websites but now it’s the only thing they really look at.

Where do you think technology is headed next?

I think the public assumes it is going to go towards the virtual reality scope with everything Facebook and the Metaverse are doing but I personally disagree. I think things will continue to improve our everyday lives and more and more people will start to have a better understanding of how things like Google or VR or any tech work with the classes and learning opportunities that are starting to become available widespread. If I had to pick out a trend that I think will continue it would be electric vehicles.

What do you think technology has forever improved about our lives/society?

Most people think of social media as a crux of the generation and it being used as only a negative thing. While there are pros and cons to social media, I think it has greatly increased the levels of communication, connection, and the sharing of information compared to society prior. Giving people an open platform to speak and share ideas is a great way to spread information and stimulate positive change for society’s issues. Similarly, Google has done the same when it comes to accessing information.

What are some of your favorite websites you've seen and why?

Not including anything marketing-related, I really like websites that help me with cooking. Sites like, where you can input your ingredients and get recipes really help me out and I think the way they work is really cool.

What do you think the 3 main components of successful design are?

Usability, functionality, and appearance. Obviously, everyone wants/needs a website that looks great and will grab the attention of the user but that website also has to be functional so that users can get/do what they want and, in the business sense, it can lead to better conversions.

Besides technology and sales, what are some of your hobbies?

I am a huge video game nerd almost all of the time but aside from that, I have recently gotten into Golf and Fishkeeping!

Do you have a favorite show these days?

The Office is hands-down my favorite “go-to’ series but I also really enjoyed watching the Witcher series and Peaky Blinders on Netflix, to pick my current favorites.

Do you have a favorite book?

I can’t say I am a huge reader really at all. The only book I can really remember reading for fun was the Hunger Games series back when I was in middle school.

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