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Case Study: Meind

About Meind

Julie Korioth is a mom and a homemaker that had a very personal journey that she wanted to share. Julie provides a voice and guidance for people in need of help.

The Objective

To create a community to help provide resources and a safe space for people struggling with mental health issues to mend. Julie wanted to not only be able to share her story but for others to share theirs. She also wanted to create a space for people to connect.

Our Process

With keeping the delicate subject matter in mind, we wanted to create a website that was informative, inviting, inclusive and easy to navigate. We incorporated videos, resource links, personal interviews, and a blog. We wanted to make it easy for a website visitor who was looking for information to find it.

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1 Comment

Tomas Virgin
Tomas Virgin
Sep 19, 2023

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