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Excellent customer service is the hallmark of our business. 

You’ll know who you’re speaking with every time you call.

Trust the experts at PIMM-USA to create and maintain an online presence that’s sure to get your business noticed! We’ll increase traffic to your website and help you generate new client leads to grow your business. We offer the latest solutions and an unparalleled level of customer service to maximize your online success!

Enjoy Personal Attention & Custom Strategies

The formula for online success rests on developing digital strategies and an Internet presence that aligns with your business and reflects your goals. At PIMM-USA, your dedicated account manager provides the one-on-one expertise and custom solutions needed to maximize your business’s visibility and reach. From helping you establish a robust online presence to SEO strategies, reputation management, online sales, communications, and setting up any paid marketing campaigns, your account manager is with you every step of the way.

Expert Service From Someone Who Knows Your Business Well

As an online marketing expert who gets to know your business well, your account manager provides the strategies, guidance, and resources needed to navigate the ever-changing Internet landscape. While keeping a close watch on your online presence, your account manager will advise you of any refinements necessary to maximize traffic to your website and engage prospective clients. Furthermore, if you decide to offer new products, services, run specials, or reach a new target audience, your account manager will work with you to develop and implement just the right digital solutions.

Handling Every Aspect Of Your Business's Online Presence

Let’s face it, getting your name out there and capturing the attention of new clients is a complex endeavor with lots of moving parts. At PIMM-USA, we do all the legwork for you! While you focus your energy on providing your clients with great products and services, we direct all of ours to establishing an online presence and generating leads that will help your business grow. Your online success is our business! You can depend on your account manager to serve all your website and digital marketing needs.

Monitoring Ongoing Success With Analytics

Why have so many clients chosen PIMM-USA? The answer is simple. We provide customized, results-driven strategies. Our goals are to maximize your online visibility and generate new leads that support business growth. Your account manager diligently monitors and measures the success of your online presence and any paid marketing campaigns using Google analytics and other premier analytics programs. This valuable information tells us what current strategies are working for you and which ones may require refinement.

We've Got You Covered


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